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Perspective – your life in Jelly beans

Posted on November 30th, 2013 by Jim

So, time is precious, right? This clip really puts it into perspective :-

YouTube Preview Image

Use your beans wisely, flower smellers!


Alan Watts wisdom

Posted on October 17th, 2013 by Jim

Greetings! I’ve not had the desire or energy to post here for a while but thanks to a strong connection I’m fortunate enough to be enjoying, here you go. Makes sense, the timeless wisdom of Alan Watts, for the flower in Holland:-

YouTube Preview Image


Inspirational book trailer (U.K 30 second version)

Posted on July 7th, 2013 by Jim

A big thanks to all the team at Burning Monks productions (U.S) for working with us to produce this 30 second book trailer (U.K version) that features the authors voices:-

YouTube Preview Image

Feel free to share and help inspire others to GO! Smell the flowers!


GO! Smell the flowers in Dubai, perhaps?

Posted on June 30th, 2013 by Jim

Here’s hoping GO! Smell the flowers will be on the shelves where it belongs and where the story both starts and ends, here in Dubai, U.A.E

Dubai flower smeller

Dubai flower smeller

GO! Smell the flowers, inspire others while you can!

GO! Be inspired

Posted on June 30th, 2013 by Jim

Smelling the flowers is all about inspiration!


smell the surreal flowers

Inspire somebody today – GO! Smell the flowers.

Alan Watts on Zen – Flower smelling Stuff South Park style

Posted on June 29th, 2013 by Jim

The timeless philosophy of Alan Watts!! Flower smelling stuff, food for thought:-

YouTube Preview Image

Makes you think!

GO! Smell the flowers book trailer – Full U.S Version

Posted on June 25th, 2013 by Jim

Inspiration anybody? Here’s the GO! Smell the flowers book trailer (U.S version) now available on Amazon and in any half decent U.K and U.S based book shops / stores :-

YouTube Preview Image

Feel free to share and inspire others and click here to buy the book at mates rates! Comments welcomed!

GO! Smell the flowers book is at the printers!

Posted on April 23rd, 2013 by Jim

Well we got there in the end! The Marketing team at John Hunt Publishing have just emailed to let us know that GO! Smell the flowers is under production and advance copies will be sent in due course! It features here in O-Books alongside celebrities who endorsed the book!

Six years after the trip of a lifetime where his n her journals became the book with a rather unexpected twist as the dance of life continues. Available 1st June 2013 in every format possible!

4 Hero – A flower is born

Posted on January 24th, 2013 by Jim

A bit of inspiration  - A flower is born by 4 Hero:

YouTube Preview Image

John Hunt publishing have just confirmed GO! Smell the flowers will be on the shelves, e-books and all on June 1st 2013 –  worth the wait and just in time for summer. The 4 Hero tune sums up the challenges overcome as tempting as it was to throw the towel in at times.

More updates as and when and may your respective gardens be prosperous folks.

GO! Smell the flowers with Mercedes-Benz SUVenture

Posted on November 21st, 2012 by Jim

Ever pushed it to the limits flower smellers?

I did recently thanks to Dubai based Gargash enterprises, Mercedes-Benz for hosting the SUV Driving event in Oman recently.  The test drive event was over 70 hours covering  700km and an exhilarating journey across a variety of terrain of Majestic Muscat from road to gravel tracks, rocky plateaus to running wadis and through various grades of both slope and sand.

Mercedes M Class
Performance meets specification

Starting from the Al Mouj golf club at the luxurious Wave development managed by Dubai Golf we meandered off in a 12 strong convoy to the Wahiba Sands. Think again when you think ‘empty desert’ with an area of 12,500 square kilometers!

The venue was like Mercedes – Far more than meets the eye

The desert has been of scientific interest since a 1986 expedition by the Royal Geographical Society documented the diversity of the terrain, the flora and fauna, noting 16,000 invertebrates as well as 200 species of other wildlife, including avifauna. They also documented 150 species of native flora so plenty of time to GO! Smell the flowers.

Evening was  spent relaxing at the luxury Bedouin desert experience  1,000 night camp which was:

  • Technology free
  • Refreshingly remote
  • Peaceful
  • A reminder of the basics
  • Complemented by the warmth of the Omani people
  • Welcomed by all  the group after a long and eventful drive


Our 12  strong ‘SUVenture’ convoy included the Middle East launch of the flagship new seven-seater GL, the highly dynamic all-purpose compact GLK, launch of the iconic new G 500, and first off-road driving experience for the spearhead of the Mercedes-Benz regional SUV strategy – the M-Class.

Taking centre stage was the media launch of the flagship new Mercedes-Benz GL. The award winning large size SUV occupies the top position amongst luxury off-road vehicles with its seven seats, best in class engines, powerful performance, space, refinement and cutting edge technologies.

Through Wahiba Sands we meandered sometimes gliding effortlessly and at other times through gritted teeth that pushed both driver and car to the limits! Then onto Yiti and checking in at the impressive Sifawy Boutique Hotel.

We all got the chance to experience each model as both driver and passenger to gain a first-hand understanding of what ‘The Best or Nothing’ really means when it comes to Mercedes-Benz SUVs. I didn’t appreciate they had an off-road heritage of over 100 years, and now boasts an unrivalled SUV family offering the widest range in the market, delivering peerless performance, fascinating technology, space and refinement across any terrain.

Having swapped our stories from the day we rested well before the final leg of the journey taking in coffee, croissants and of course the stunning views overlooking the capital, before concluding at the Almouj Golf Club. It was a road trip of a lifetime and one I was very privileged to attend.

That’s another tick off the bucket list as the flower smelling continues!

YouTube Preview Image

Comments welcomed and I wonder what’s next as the ethos of  ’One journey, Many discoveries’ lives on.



GO! Smell the flowers while you can!

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